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Meet Kavita Agarwal

The embodiment of a fashion journey that began with draping dolls and culminated in the launch of her own iconic fashion line.

From her early years, Kavita's fascination with fabrics and sarees led her to reimagine her mother's draping styles on her dolls. With an educational background in home science, Kavita delved into the art of fabrics, embroidery, and sewing, leading her to design her own clothes and craft outfits for her family.

Driven by positive feedback, Kavita's exploration of her potential led her to a fashion institute. There, she honed her skills and earned a diploma in fashion design. Guided by the renowned Designer Neeta Lulla, Kavita unveiled her first collection at her graduation fashion show, securing an award for the Most Glamorous Collection.

Fueled by this triumph and fortified by her family's support, Kavita embarked on the audacious journey of establishing her own fashion label. Beyond clothing, her brand became a platform for cultivating self-confidence and embracing individuality. The tagline "DISCOVER THE BEAUTIFUL YOU" encapsulates her mission: empowering women to embrace their identities and feel at ease in their own skin.

Kavita’s vision extends to sharing her brand’s essence with a wider audience, both nationally and internationally. Her unwavering commitment to unwrapping excellence and delivering impeccable customer experiences shines through every creation. Simultaneously, she navigates evolving trends while upholding the core identity of her brand.

In the realm of fashion, Kavita Agarwal isn’t solely a designer; she is a narrative weaver, conjuring enchantment through fabrics. She connects cultures and guides individuals on a journey of self-discovery, encapsulating the ethos of


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